Psychiatrist for Children offers comprehensive ADHD assessments and treatment plans tailored to your child. During our ADHD assessments we also take a wider look at your child’s mental health.

Our ADHD assessments involve pre-assessment questionnaires, a QB (Quantified Behavioural) check and a consultation that can be up to 2 hours. Your child will be seen jointly by a consultant child psychiatrist and a counselling psychologist so we can gain the best understanding of your child’s needs. Dr Nima Leffler (Consultant Psychiatrist) and Dr Adele Wybourn (Counselling Psychologist – feel passionately about supporting young people affected by symptoms of ADHD.

Following the assessment a detailed report will be sent to you and your GP. If an ADHD diagnosis has been made and medication is indicated we typically offer a further appointment to see Dr Leffler to discuss medication and/or to see Dr Wybourn for psychoeducation and psychological support if you wish.

QB Checks

The QB (Quantified Behavioural) check is a diagnostic screening tool which provides objective information to aid in the assessment of ADHD. The test assesses a child’s ability to concentrate, their activity and impulsivity and is a computer programme managed by an external company. The QB check is an essential part of the ADHD pathway and the results are used in conjunction with other ADHD assessment tools to aid diagnosis. The QB check can also be used to assess response to medication and symptom progress.

  • Initial QB check – Included in ADHD assessment price
  • Follow up QB check on patient request – £150

ADHD Assessment Process


Please fill in our enquiry form either on this website or contact Dr Adele Wybourn ( Following this we will give you a 10-minute phone call to ensure we are the right service for you.


We will email you several questionnaires to complete prior to your appointment.


The assessment takes up to 2 hours at a cost of £1200.


Your child will also complete a QB check (Quantified Behavioural check), which gives us a more objective picture of any ADHD symptoms.


Following your assessment a tailored treatment plan will be sent to you and your GP.


Following your appointment you have the option to see Dr Leffler for medication initiation if it is indicated. This appointment typically involves a discussion around medication options, side effect profiles, measurement of vital signs and ongoing follow up. This appointment is £200 pounds.


If medication is initiated we advise follow up reviews until the dose is stable.  You will also have the option to see Dr Wybourn for behaviour intervention, further support and psychoeducation.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch to arrange an appointment, or to discuss your child’s requirements. 

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