What does a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist do?

A Psychiatrist is a Doctor that is trained in recognising and treating children and adolescents with mental health difficulties. We are trained in the assessment of the child and the family as a whole and use a biopsychosocial model to provide holistic care. This is particularly important in children and adolescents, as there is often a variety of factors that contribute to mental health difficulties. We can then tailor a specific management plan using medication or therapy that also may involve the family as a whole.

Do you provide emergency support?

We do not provide Emergency Support. We are an outpatient clinic only with limited access. In the event of a crisis, please call 111 or 999 in an emergency or contact your GP.

When the patient is experiencing high risk to self or others it is important to seek a multidisciplinary network, which Psychiatrist for Children is not able to provide.

Do you provide in person assessments?

We provide mainly face to face assessments and reviews, however can provide online reviews if appropriate.  Clinic address and details are provided on the website.

Medical insurers and GP referrals

Psychiatrist for Children accepts private referrals ideally with a letter from your GP but this is not essential. We also accept referrals from some insurance companies. These are WPA, Vitality and Aviva.  We may also be able to accept referrals from other insurers and you can contact us for further details.

What does an assessment with the psychiatrist involve?

Dr Leffler is happy to see patients for a one off assessment and treatment or patients can choose to stay with us throughout their journey.

Dr Leffler will see children and adolescents face to face initially for an appointment up to 90 minutes where a comprehensive assessment of their mental health symptoms and needs will be carried out. This will lead to a tailored treatment plan which may involve medication, a recommendation for therapy or for a more specific assessment. Dr Leffler will then write to your GP with a diagnosis and treatment plan.

What is our ADHD assessment process and how do I book?

After completing various questionnaires, we will arrange an appointment (up to two hours long) to assess your child. The assessment will also include a Quantified Behavioural Check (QB Check) to give us a more objective picture of any ADHD symptoms.  Following assessment, a treatment plan will be sent to your GP.  Access to post diagnosis support is available for continuity of care.  For a more complete breakdown of the process and charges involved, please see our ADHD page.

Get in Touch

Please get in touch to arrange an appointment, or to discuss your child’s requirements. 

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